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Measuring Sustainability

The Leading STAR Community Indicators include 21 metrics based on the proven STAR Community Rating System. Developed in partnership with the Urban Sustainability Directors Network, the Leading Indicators are organized into an online platform where U.S. cities and counties can annually report key sustainability metrics. Communities of all sizes and experience can use the Leading Indicators to benchmark annual performance and compare their progress with participating communities.

All participating communities are indicated on the map, below.

get started

How are U.S. cities and counties performing on sustainability? Navigate through the site to view data 3 ways.

  • To learn more about the 21 indicators and see how participating communities are performing, VIEW INDICATORS.
  • Find your community or select one from the drop-down list to review their individual COMMUNITY DASHBOARD.
  • Try the COMPARE COMMUNITIES feature. Select up to 10 communities then compare data across all 21 indicators.

View indicators with information aggregated from all our participating communities.

Search for and compare up to 10 communities across our indicators.

See additional information about a specific community and see its performance over the last 5 reported years.

working together to drive sustainability progress

Members of the Urban Sustainability Directors Network received an Innovation Fund grant award to develop an indicators project with STAR Communities. The Leading STAR Community Indicators are designed to:

  • Provide communities with a simple way to get started with sustainability indicators;
  • Offer guidance on metrics that are commonly important and obtainable;
  • Enable benchmarking and annual reporting across many communities; and
  • Leverage local government consensus to improve access to data in the United States.

The project aims to communicate how data and evidence affect positive outcomes in local sustainability. Learn more about our project and partnership effort here. Download our project brochure.