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Holland, Michigan

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As the City's vision statement says, Holland is "a vibrant, world-class community in a beautiful lakefront environment where people work together, celebrate community, and realize dreams." We truly believe Holland is a great place to live, work, and play and we are working hard to ensure this is true for generations to come.

Together we're making sustainable choices that make good financial sense, have a positive impact, and protect our environment. We can help safeguard our future with sustainability: Making earth-friendly decisions today that lead to the best possible quality of life for our residents, our businesses, and our economy now and in the future. We believe that every action has the potential to improve (or harm) our environment and that is why we aim to weave sustainability into every decision that impacts the future by a applying a sustainability framework approach and continuing to implement practices that align with our long range Community Energy Plan and reporting to our community members with our Sustainability Report.

To learn more about sustainability in Holland please visit: http://www.cityofholland.com/sustainability

Video: Holland's Community Energy Plan

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