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Technical Guide

The STAR Community Rating System Technical Guide supplements the basic STAR Community Rating System by providing detailed information about how to achieve a STAR Community Rating. The guide includes information on data sources, calculations and submittal requirements for evaluation measures. It also includes best practices for local action measures associated the rating system and stories about communities leading the way in sustainability.

Version 1.2 of the Technical Guide was released in March 2015. The guide was extensively updated with recommendations from the Pilot STAR Community program, where more than 30 cities and counties tested and evaluated the rating system and its companion resources. It has been reformatted to enhance the user experience and now includes expanded guidance for every evaluation measure in the rating system.

For more information, please contact Aaron Lande.

Note: The STAR Technical Guide contains hyperlinks to hundreds of data sources, research publications, community examples, and other resources. For this reason, the Technical Guide is provided as an e-publication only.