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STAR Full Access annual subscription

Whether you're interested in annual reporting of key indicators to compare performance against peers or looking for a comprehensive baseline evaluation of community sustainability for use in planning or policy making efforts, the STAR Full Access subscription has the tools you need.

The Full Access annual subscription contains all the tools and resources that a local government needs to pursue STAR certification and report annually on the Leading STAR Community Indicators. This package includes valuable methodology and technical guidance manuals, resources for communicating sustainability progress, and tools to support data collection and reporting. It also entitles you to technical assistance and training from STAR staff.

For more information, please contact Aaron Lande.

Included with STAR Full Access annual subscription

Technical Guide

The Technical Guide supplements the basic STAR Community Rating System by providing detailed information about how to achieve a STAR Community Rating.

Intro to STAR Training

This hour-long web-based training introduces staff and partners to the STAR Community Rating System, its sustainability framework and the basics associated with getting started.

Full Reporting Tool

One-year subscription to the online Reporting Tool, which allows you to upload and organize data towards a STAR Community Rating.

E-Communications & Sustainability Network

Stay on top of sustainability trends, grant opportunities, best practices, and new innovations through our email newsletter and exclusive listservs.

Star Crosswalk

The Excel version of the Rating System to help identify alignment between STAR and local plans and initiatives.

STAR Staff Support

Continuous support from STAR staff as questions arise from local communities

STAR Community Webpage

Your community’s Outcome/Action achievement will be featured on a customizable webpage on STARcommunities.org.

Static Storage of STAR Data

Keep your data stored in STAR’s online Reporting Tool to make recertification as a STAR Community easier.

STAR Community Rating System

The STAR Community Rating System (STAR) is used by local leaders to assess their sustainability, set targets for moving forward, and measure progress along the way.

STAR Planning Guide

The STAR Planning Guide provides guidance and case studies on how to use STAR to integrate sustainability into comprehensive, strategic, and sustainability plans.

Preferred Status for National Publicity

Raise the visibility of your STAR certification through preferred status for participation in STAR-related conference sessions and webinars, as well as national media opportunities.

Leading STAR Community Indicators

The Leading STAR Community Indicators include twenty-one metrics based on the proven STAR Community Rating System.

Eligibility for STAR committees

Eligibility to serve on STAR's Steering and Technical Committees