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Organizational STAR Affiliate

Organizational STAR Affiliates support the critical work of STAR Communities to evaluate, improve and certify sustainable communities. Help us promote a healthy environment, strong economy and well-being for all residents, now and for future generations!

Affiliate investment supports continuous improvement of a national sustainability rating system, an advanced online performance management system, publications, trainings, and education programs grounded in the STAR Community Rating System, and a professional system to establish accreditation and credentials for businesses and consultants.

Organizational Affiliate member benefits include:

  • Email newsletter subscription
  • Ability to download electronic version of Technical Guide
  • Invitation to attend quarterly web-based programs
  • Affiliate organization listed on the STAR Affiliate page with brief description, logo and link to Affiliate website

Included with Organizational STAR Affiliate

E-Communications & Sustainability Network

Stay on top of sustainability trends, grant opportunities, best practices, and new innovations through our email newsletter and exclusive listservs.

Technical Guide

The Technical Guide supplements the basic STAR Community Rating System by providing detailed information about how to achieve a STAR Community Rating.

Star Crosswalk

The Excel version of the Rating System to help identify alignment between STAR and local plans and initiatives.

STAR Community Rating System

The STAR Community Rating System (STAR) is used by local leaders to assess their sustainability, set targets for moving forward, and measure progress along the way.

STAR Planning Guide

The STAR Planning Guide provides guidance and case studies on how to use STAR to integrate sustainability into comprehensive, strategic, and sustainability plans.